So, i'm Voltages. Born and currently residing in Estonia. Graduated as a Junior IT-Specialist in 2021 and currently enrolled at a university to continue my studies into information technology. Tinkering & playing around with server's and software.

Occasionally might be a otaku, Try to create things, Run virtual machines, Administrate, Draw art and design aswell as have a tiny bit of a photography interest. Oh, i like tea, coffee and listen to alot of music on repeat.

Alot of what i've gained has been self-taught. Big chunk of it is on web development.

So, Clearly web design is my passion...

But in all honesty, i find technology interesting and all the ways it communicates with eachother. That's why i've developed a liking for development but also hardware itself.

An example is this website. Made with React as the base framework with Next.js acting as the exporter with different functions and Tailwind CSS for styling. Use-lanyard uses Lanyard that grabs data from a Discord Bot and makes it easily accessible with there API. Making it possible to show what i'm currently doing. After exported, the website will be uploaded onto a Nginx instance running on a Virtual Private Server

I daily drive Windows, MacOS and Arch Linux. I do stick with Linux more as its considerably more free and open. I know what runs on it and how to manage the system as a whole. For servers i tend to stick with Ubuntu or Debian. Certain functionality from software i usually like to use Docker for. The ability to scale and for a idempotent system is what makes it great.